A particularly moving read

Trivia for the Toilet, by The Mad Moose Press
What goes in, must come out...

Purpose designed to be read on the bog, Trivia for the Toilet comes with a “splashproof, easy-wipe cover”, and offers amusing little tidbits of information for you to read while passing, er… time.

There’s enough to keep one entertained throughout many visits to the throne, with plenty of amusing anecdotes, fun stats, examples of nature’s quirkiness, and just plain randomness, such as a list of the many words that Eskimos have for different types of snow.

In the midst of these, I noticed a few that are based on popular urban myths, e.g. “A duck’s quack doesn’t echo, and no-one knows why” (debunked)* – so I was never 100% sure that the other “facts”, however funny or interesting, aren’t also incorrect.

If you can find it on the cheap, or need a gift idea and couldn’t be bothered thinking of something better (e.g. a Kris Kringle for a colleague you don’t know very well), Trivia for the Toilet is just the thing.


* And on an unrelated note, the duck quack’s echo is also the topic of one of my favourite pictures – the duck looks so happy to be having a conversation with the researcher. It makes me laugh every time:

Does a duck's quack echo?
Testing to see whether a duck's quack echoes

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