Chris Hemsworth has beefed up from his Home and Away surfie days

Here’s the latest Marvel comic-to-movie adaptation, another cog in the machine will eventually become The Avengers. For those not in the know (which included me prior to the movies), one of the business strategies used by the comic industry is to introduce fans of one hero to others through “crossovers” that featured multiple superheroes teaming up with each other. It was hoped that these partnerships would result in fans of one series also taking an interest in the others. Thor is the latest Avenger to get his own feature, after The Incredible Hulk and Iron Man (and soon to be followed by Captain America).

The movie itself is surprisingly good, of the same calibre of Marvel movie releases since they took back control of their own brand from the greedy, uncaring Hollywood studios. It’s definitely cheesy, but in a way that shows they’re not taking themselves too seriously, making it a fun experience rather than a cringey one.

Chris Hemsworth, of Home and Away TV series fame, is yet another suprisingly good Aussie male lead – although exactly why this is still surprising is beyond my mere mortal understanding. Maybe it’s because Australian stuff is generally so crap that the surprise comes from discovering (again and again) that this country actually possesses people with talent. The other surprise comes from Natalie Portman, who played a character that pretty much spent the entire movie with nothing better to do than lusting over Thor. If this was Marvel’s way to win over Portman fans from DC Comics’ excellent V for Vendetta, then I’d have to say it was a wasted opportunity.

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