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Transformers: Earth Wars – Bling

This is the last post in my 4-part series discussing the “Four B’s” for getting the most out of playing without paying in Transformers: Earth Wars:

  1. Bases
  2. Bots
  3. Battles
  4. Bling (this post)

This part covers how to best manage your bling (i.e. resources – it was the only way to make it fit the “B” theme I had going with the other posts!).


Sometimes, whether through a gift code or event rewards, you’ll be given Energon and Alloy. Keep these until you’re ready to use it. As long as they’re in your inventory, they can’t be stolen by other players. Only use them after you’ve been attacked and your shields are up.


Until you reach the highest level, Energon will be your most important resource, and you’ll feel the pain every time your base gets attacked and you lose a chunk of your hard-earned. Energon is used for buildings, for upgrading your bots in the Research Lab and for upgrading abilities.


You’ll probably hit the storage limit plenty of times with Alloy. While it’s useful, it is also extremely plentiful. It’s can only be used on buildings, which is dependent on your build bots, so if all of your build bots are occupied there’s really nothing you can do to burn excess Alloy.

Don’t let it go to waste though. Before upgrading anything, consider whether you have enough spare alloy to upgrade your walls. For example, don’t commit your last build-bot to a 7-day long upgrade knowing that you had enough alloy to boost a wall to the next level, instead of letting it all go to waste ‘coz of the storage cap.

Spend! Spend! Spend!

Whenever you have enough to upgrade something, spend it as soon as possible otherwise it’s just fodder for stealing by the enemy.


The next rarest resource in the game is spark. You sometimes get them from free crystal drops, as rewards during events, or from duplicate bots from crystals, but by far the quickest way to get spark is from winning alliance wars, so join an alliance. Otherwise this will be one of the key bottlenecks to upgrading your bots’ abilities once you reach higher levels.

It may be tempting to upgrade 2-star bots while you’re still building up your roster, but try and resist the urge to push them past level 3 or 4. Later in the game once you start building your 3, 4 and 5-star teams you’ll regret ever having wasted a single spark on those measly 2-stars!

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