The Doctor is IN

Oh no! A space-time rift has opened up and an editorial piece has crossed over from the another continuum!

Tonight* was the night that being a geek finally became sexy, as the hearts of millions everywhere leapt at exactly the same time as Amy Pond jumped the Doctor. What’s the big deal you ask, considering that gettin’ yo’ geek on has already happened in shows like The IT Crowd and Big Bang Theory?

But see, it’s simply de rigueur for Americans to drape sex onto anything and everything. Doctor Who is a show where up until now the female lead has – against all laws of nature – never had any interest in the Doctor, and where the character of Amy Pond – played by Karen Gillan – was introduced as a “kiss-o-gram” (were it made states-side, she’d almost certainly have been a stripper).

Doctor Who's new girl 'too sexy'
Karen Gillan as Amy Pond, in her "kiss-o-gram" policeman's uniform

For the uninitiated, Doctor Who is a long-running British sci-fi series centred around a time-travelling, wise-cracking alien being known only enigmatically as “The Doctor”. I myself only recently started watching, from the beginning of the current season when Matt Smith became the 11th person to play the title role.

While I agree with Sir Terry that it’s ludicrous how every episode thus far has relied on one or more deus ex machina devices to resolve a plot point, the show has still featured some of the most imaginative and complex themes that I’ve come across in a while. (Although, seeing as I don’t watch very much TV, evidenced by the fact that this is the first ever GeekReads post about anything that’s been on television, that’s not saying much. Being available on ABC’s iView helps greatly, since it means not being a slave to programming schedules – without resorting to downloading anyway.) Anyhow, Jenny loves it too.

Now the show is upping the ante on the romantic side of things, since because the Doctor had whisked Amy away the night before her wedding, she’s been able to forget about her cold feet. Maybe falling for the Doctor is the cause of the time rift? Dun dun duuuuuuuuuuuun! We wait with bated breath for the next episode…


* Or a week ago if you live in England.

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