The Guard

The Guard
I don't recall even seeing any posters for this movie. Just picked out this one at random.
If there’s any one race that can out-talk the Americans, it’s the Irish. Directed by John Michael McDonagh, who is the brother of the guy that directed In Bruges, The Guard is cut from a similar cloth, as a wise-cracking Irish country town cop (Brendon Gleeson) gives an American FBI agent Wendell Everett (Don Cheadle) the ol’ what for as they investigate a major drug trafficking scheme.
The dialog is a laugh-a-minute, offering an outsiders’ view of American culture rarely seen in cinema. It can sometimes be a little difficult to catch though, because of the Irish accent. It’d probably be worth getting this on DVD or blu-ray just to watch it again with the subtitles on. Here’s one example featuring a smartass kid that keeps cropping up throughout the movie:
Everett: I’m with the FBI.
Kid: What? Behavioural Science Unit?
Everett: No, Narcotics.
Kid: Bah, drugs.
I’m sure it’s been said many times before, probably because it’s true: if you liked In Bruges you’ll love this movie.

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